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Prince Charles presents the weather forecast in Scotland (B2)

Watch the video and fill in the gaps (write them on a piece of paper). Double click on the blank to see the words.

"Let's take a look at the weather forecast now. I'm delighted to say we've got a new member of our weather team, let me hand over to him now. Your Highness…"

"Well it’s an UNSETTLED picture as we head towards the end of the week… Ah, this afternoon, it’ll be wet, cold and windy ACROSS most of Scotland. We’re under the influence of, uh, low pressure and this weather front, ah, pushing NORTHWARDS is bringing clouds and OUTBREAKS of rain.

The rain of course will be heaviest over the borders and around Edinburgh, where it could lead to difficult conditions on the roads.

In the West, rain will be lighter and PATCHIER. There will be maybe a few dry INTERLUDES over Dumfries House in Ayrshire…. A-hha!

There will be snow, for the higher ground in the Highlands and Aberdeenshire with the potential for a few FLURRIES over Balmoral...who the hell wrote this script? ... ah, as the afternoon goes on. The best of the drier and BRIGHTER weather will of course be over the Northern Isles and the far north of the mainland, so a little HAZY sunshine for the Castle of Mey in Caithness, but a cold day everywhere with a temperature of just 8 Celsius and a BRISK northeasterly wind. Thank God it isn't a bank holiday!"

1. Revise/study vocabulary about the weather. Use the links below.

link 1 (A2)

link 2 (A2)

link 3 (A2)

2. Now describe the  image below.

3. Here  are some weather forecasts. Read them and study the language used. Look new words up a dictionary (B2)

1 . MacMillan Dictionary 2 . Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 3 . Wordreference

From the BBC:

Yorkshire and Humber, today - Across the Pennines generally cloudy this morning, showers or longer spells of rain, becoming drier and brighter later. Elsewhere starting with patchy frost and a risk of ice on untreated surfaces. Then sunny spells and isolated showers, dying away later.

Tonight - Staying mainly dry. Long clear periods at first, but overnight cloud will increase from the west, although still a slight frost and patchy fog are likely to occur.

London and South East England, today - Cloudy across eastern areas, with showers across Kent at first, then becoming dry and brighter before isolated light showers develop this afternoon. Elsewhere sunny spells, with isolated showers around the middle of the day.

Tonight - Dry with long clear periods developing, leading to a slight frost and a risk of ice on untreated surfaces. Patchy fog may also form.

West Midlands, today - It is going to be rather cloudy at first but some bright or sunny spells are set to develop through the day. Many places will stay dry, with only a few showers around.

Tonight - It is set to be a dry night across the region. Temperatures are going to drop under the clear spells allowing some frost, ice and patchy fog to form.

Northern Ireland, today - A mainly dry day with some bright or sunny spells, particularly during the morning. Cloud thickening slightly during the afternoon with some light showers for Counties Derry/Londonderry and Antrim.

Tonight - Remaining mostly dry, with some clear spells around the southeast, however thicker cloud is expected in the west where it will be milder.

South West England, today - Some rain is going to push in from the west and reach Cornwall this morning, before clearing south by this evening. Elsewhere there may be a few showers around but also some bright or sunny spells.

Tonight - It is set to stay a dry night across the region. Clear spells, mainly in the east, will allow temperatures to drop, meaning some frost, ice and patchy fog may form.

North West England, today - There are going to be some scattered showers around during the morning. These should gradually die out through the afternoon with more in the way of drier and brighter weather.

Tonight - It is like to be a dry night across the region. Temperatures are going to drop under the clear spells allowing some frost, ice and patchy fog to form.

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