Funny ads
Funny ads

Amusing viewers is one of the aims of many TV adverts. Watch the video below and say what is funny about it.

Cheering works
Commercials - Funny ads

Cheering people who give up easily is sometimes very helpful. The video below provides an excellent and hilarious example.

Before watching, answer the following questions.

1. Is there a vending machine at your school/workplace?

2. What do vending machines dispense? Highlight the blank space in brackets for some answers: ( Snacks, beverages, cigarettes, newspapers, gumballs, lottery tickets)

3.  Do you ever buy anything from them?

4. How often do products get stuck in vending machines?

5. What does the commercial advertise in your opinion?

The Perfect Husband
Commercials - Funny ads


A. Before watching the video, anwer the following questions:

1. What makes a perfect wife?

2. What makes a perfect husband?

3. What is being advertised in your opinion?

B. Here are some words you will listen in the advertisement. Match the words with their definitions.


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