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Welcome to Go4English


Here is a website with some helpful and funny resources to learn English or to brush up on it.

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The rationale behind this website is to provide online tools (such as readings, listenings, videos, photo stories, grammar explanations, exercises and more) for my students in order to encourage them to study English by making the most of technology.

If you want to focus on language (functions, vocabulary, idioms and more) click on section Language (Top Menu) and enter the English Made Easy project. Choose a topic and watch videos or read photo stories created by Italian students. Watch/read the explanation if available, then do some exercises.

If you need practical information about how to study, Strategies is the section you are looking for.

Some contents are only for registered people. To ask for registration codes, please contact me

But before you start, watch the following videos. How important is English in your opinion?

1 2
3 4

Describe the videos above. What makes them humorous? Use your own words.

Now have a look at these pictures. Can you correct the mistakes? Which ones make communication difficult?

Made by: Mr. Ross

Recently added:

Agreeing and disagreeing PDF  | Print |
English Made Easy - Functions



What do you think of this video? Useful? I couldn't agree more!

Watch it, then compare the expressions from the video with the list below.

Cheering works
Funny ads

Cheering people who give up easily is sometimes very helpful. The video below provides an excellent and hilarious example.

Before watching, answer the following questions.

1. Is there a vending machine at your school/workplace?

2. What do vending machines dispense? Highlight the blank space in brackets for some answers: ( Snacks, beverages, cigarettes, newspapers, gumballs, lottery tickets)

3.  Do you ever buy anything from them?

4. How often do products get stuck in vending machines?

5. What does the commercial advertise in your opinion?

Weather - Idioms PDF  | Print |
English Made Easy - Idioms


Watch the video. Write down the expressions Emma teaches, then see if they occur in the list below. (B2)

1 - As right as rain: (British, informal) to feel perfectly all right, perfectly fit.

  • I feel fine today, I'm as right as rain afterthe flu.

2- Be a breeze (Mainly British, informal): to be extremely easy to do.

  • Cooking for 25 people was a breeze for her.
  • Everyone thinks the test was a breeze.
Describing objects PDF  | Print |
English Made Easy - Functions

Describing objects:  questions and extended speaking

Adapted from: New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 8

Choose one thing that you used last weekend and answer yes/ no questions about it until your partner guesses what it is:

1 - Is it made from paper/ cardboard/ plastic/ metal/ fabric/ wood/ glass/ leather/…?

2 - Is it square/ rectangular/ round (= circular)/ flat /triangular/ oblong (= oval = egg-shaped)/ sharp/ fragile (= easy to break)/ forked / curved / peaked / pointed / rolled-up …?

The Perfect Husband
Commercials - Funny ads


A. Before watching the video, anwer the following questions:

1. What makes a perfect wife?

2. What makes a perfect husband?

3. What is being advertised in your opinion?

B. Here are some words you will listen in the advertisement. Match the words with their definitions.

Talking about the weather
English Made Easy - Functions

Prince Charles presents the weather forecast in Scotland (B2)

Watch the video and fill in the gaps (write them on a piece of paper). Double click on the blank to see the words.

"Let's take a look at the weather forecast now. I'm delighted to say we've got a new member of our weather team, let me hand over to him now. Your Highness…"

Housework PDF  | Print |  E-mail
English Made Easy - Vocabulary

Who does the housework at home?

Do you help with it?

Name as many words/phrases you know about housework, then do the exercises below. Mind the time!

Be strong and shine
Commercials - Ads_Miscellaneous

Same role, different reactions.

Sometimes professional roles can be seen differently, according to whether it is a man or a woman who occupies them. Same attitudes in men and women may give rise to contrasting opinions, even gender labels. That is what this commercial, broadcast in the Filippines and quickly spread on the web, seems to highlight.

Possessive Case ('S) - Genitivo Sassone PDF  | Print |

Si dice: the dog's tail o the dog tailThe house of George o George's house? Si può dire Madrid's monuments o no? E ancora: come faccio a tradurre "La casa di Alex e Zoe"? E' giusto dire Morris's and Francis's bikes o Morris' and Francis' bikes?

Level A1. Annota le domande qui in basso. Guarda il video da 0'0'' fino a 6'30''. Poi rispondi alle  domade.

The Simpsons
English Made Easy - Cartoons and Movies

The Simpsons is an American adult animated sitcom created by Matt Groening

English Made Easy - Cartoons and Movies

Hercules is a strong boy. Maybe too strong. His strength causes him trouble and


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